Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Finally! I get to be a librarian!

For many years now, I've often wished that I'd become a librarian. One of my college work-study jobs was shelving books in the beautiful Penrose Library on Whitman College's campus, and I loved the quiet hours and discovering so many books about so many different things.

Okay, so, I have to admit that I harbor the misconception that librarians get to hang out at the checkout desk reading all day. Ssh! The one job where you don't get in trouble for reading! I know that's not how the job actually works, but wouldn't that be the best thing ever?

I've finally found a way to be a sort-of librarian: I put a Little Free Library in my yard!

The design was inspired by the red schoolhouse in Vermont where I learned to love reading. Now, I have so much fun watching neighborhood kids sprawled on my lawn paging through books. The other day I caught some YA-types carrying off armfuls of novels. I only wish more grownups would come… I feel sad that most adults read phones instead of books, but I'm still hopefully stocking my library with hot titles. Gone Girl, anyone?

If you've ever wanted to be a librarian, check out the Free Little Library movement: http://littlefreelibrary.org


  1. What a beautiful little library!! I love seeing everyone's pictures from around the world.

  2. What a beautiful little library!! I love seeing everyone's pictures from around the world.

  3. Thanks! I'm having so much fun watching the books change every week :)

  4. Hello, I love love the ��!! Will u tell me how I can get the plan for it? I am looking forward to having a little library built.

    1. I don't have a particular design. I hired a bathroom/kitchen cabinet maker and showed him some photos of my old school house, and described how I wanted doors to open on both sides. I thought I could have an adult section and a children's section, but the books always get mixed up together, so I wouldn't worry about that next time around. The Little Free Library website has many designs and plans! Best of luck with your library - I've had so much fun with mine!