Friday, October 24, 2014

Another Downside To Not Keeping Up With Must-Read Books

If my To Read pile weren't scattered over several surfaces in several rooms, it would be taller than me. I can't keep up with all the must-read titles, so I'm always a few--many?--volumes behind. I try hard to avoid spoiler alert conversations about the books I plan to read, especially when those stories are being turned into movies. Toward the end of my reading of Gone Girl, as the plot twists were coming to light, I'd cover my ears, close my eyes, and shout ya-ya-ya when trailers came on TV. My family loved that, by the way.

The biggest downside to waiting to read the book too close to the movie: I can't stop myself from picturing the actor's face while reading.

I saw Ben Affleck's strong jaw all through Gone Girl. I kept wondering, is he that well-cast for the role of Nick Dunne, or have I been brainwashed after seeing those short teaser trailers months before at the movie theater?

Now I'm reading Olive Kitteridge before the HBO miniseries starts next week. Not only do I see Frances McDormand's face as Olive, I'm hearing her voice as I read. I adore McDormand's acting, but this is driving a little crazy!

I much prefer creating my own visualization of characters. No human will ever match The Thorn Birds' Father Ralph of my young teenage mind! Sigh. It's much more fun to be righteously indignant about casting--he's not my               !!!!--than to be constantly reminding yourself, it's Nick not Ben-freaking-Affleck!


  1. Hello Sydney. I popped over when I saw your link on Clem's blog. Did you know Colleen McCulloch, the author of the amazing Thorn Birds died a few days ago. Australian's most successful writer. Also did you know that Richard Chamberlain wasn't her choice for Father Ralph, but I think he more than got the job done, didn't he?

    Nice to meet you.

    Denise :-)

    1. No one will ever match the Father Ralph in my teenage imagination (that said, I did enjoy the movie adaptation). Nice to meet you too!