Friday, September 19, 2014

Looking Up!

I'm back at my desk after a summer off. I loved spending lazy summer days with my brother's family visiting from Japan and soaking up every moment of my oldest daughter's last summer before college. I even went on a few field trips--like a day at the zoo--with my friend and her teenagers.

I feel refreshed after spending time with some of my favorite people on Earth, so I was happy when my 9th grader's English teacher's first assignment was all about social media's grasp on her student's lives. My daughter had to record her social media usage and write an essay about it (she's now deleted some of the apps on her phone). The unit started with this video poem:

A couple of hours after watching this video, I met a friend for lunch. She arrived ten minutes late, but I resisted the urge to pull my phone out of my purse. The folks waiting with me sat hunched staring at phones, which made them a little boring as far as people-watching goes, but I still enjoyed "looking up." I certainly get more ideas for stories when I'm engaged with the real world!

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