Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Revising… My house?!?

My apologies. I've been a particularly bad blogger these days. November passed with the writerly joy of revising my WIP. But in December, we started revising our house.

I always expect my housework to fall behind when I'm busy with a big writing task. Later, laundry! But I didn't realize how much my writing life would be affected by remodeling. I knew there would be days of moving things in and out and back again--and I saved money by doing all the painting.

But it's the waiting. Waiting for the guys to arrive to work. I like writerly waiting better because the cure for that is more writing! But I can't count the number of days I never got into the shower because I was waiting for folks whose definition of "morning" is 3PM. Or not at all. If only contractors would honor deadlines like my writer friends… But I do have to say that the excuses I've heard for not showing up are pretty darn creative!

Anyway, the house revision is almost all wrapped up, and I will have my writerly routine back again. YAY!

Here's a joke I sent to my 8th grade daughter. It's a paint roller selfie. I'm always telling her that if I'd had to live in the selfie world of junior high no one would have ever seen my nose--for sure!

A belated happy 2014 to you all! 

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