Friday, March 1, 2013


I'm two-and-a-half chapters from the end of my novel--so close--yet I'm dragging my heels. I could spend hours analyzing my reasons procrastination, but I really, really, really just need to finish the darn story! 

Two strategies I've used to prevent procrastination:

1. Trap myself with my laptop--outside my usual workspace--for a limited amount of time. For me this means driving both ways for soccer carpool on Fridays. After I drop the girls off, I drive over to a fancy-schmancy market, buy a big peppermint tea & write at a table overlooking the store.

The other parents are incredibly grateful, the soccer players love the fresh-baked cookies I buy, and I usually manage to write about 900 words in 90 minutes, plus I get my grocery shopping done! 

2. Write with others. Sometimes it's hard to put down a good book, turn of the radio, or stay offline when I know I'm going to be alone with that blank page. About once a week I meet with friends to write. We chat, write furiously, chat, write a little more, eat lunch, and chat some more, sometimes writing a bit more too. Despite all the talking--which I crave--I manage to get a lot of words down when I'm typing with friends. 

This week I combined #1 with #2, meeting fellow writers, Anne Bowen and Wendy Toliver, at the Snowbasin ski resort lodge. Beautiful views, great food, fantastic conversation, and another 1,000 words. 

I will finish this thing!!! 


  1. Of course you'll finish it! If you don't...we'll hunt you down and hurt you. WE NEED MORE SALTER MAGIC!

  2. The lodge at Snowbasin is one of my favorite places to write, too!