Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo: Week One

I did get a little homesick this week, missing those weeks of not needing to squeeze writing time into the day no matter what. But I did treat myself to a S'More cupcake--better than starting a fire on my desk, right?

Here's how my week went:

Word Count: 12,446 words (just a bit under finishing pace)

Worst Moment: My husband asked how it was going and I admitted that my structure was a huge mess. He said, as someone who works in a field of clear paths and evidence, "That's not good." No it isn't good!!! I freaked out a little bit.

Best Moment: (see above) But then I sat back down at my keyboard, determined to write 50,000 horrible words of this mess-of-a-novel, and the solution to my structural difficulties came to me. YAY!!!

How I Procrastinated: I actually stopped writing to make a dentist appointment. I also became an instant fan of Olympic kayaking one morning when I should've been writing.

My care package: My daughter created six little care packages that I chose at random and mail to myself every 10,000 words. This week I get to go out for a sushi lunch. Can't wait!

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