Thursday, September 1, 2011

Still Collecting Characters...

One of my favorite neighborhood "characters" is a man who walks three little dogs every morning. With his dark shoulder-length hair, bushy beard, and old-fashioned coat, he looks like someone from another era. He should be wandering cobblestone streets in the mist, not dodging early morning sprinklers watering manicured lawns in a dry climate.

Seeing him, I sometimes wonder if there's a time travel portal hidden among the white vinyl fences in my neighborhood...

But today I saw him walking his three little dogs, wearing shorts--Richard Simmons shorts. Oh, no! It turns out he's a man from another era alright, but that time is 1980!

Well, at least he can still be a time-traveling nomad in my imagination.


  1. Shorts?! Oh, no! Why'd he have to spoil the picture? I love making stuff up about the people I see. Your comment made me wonder if you've read Connie Willis' Blackout (at least I think that's the first book--there are two set during WWII...)

  2. I'll have to check out that book, Sue! Thanks :)

  3. so funny Sydney!
    I'd love to see characters like this! =)

  4. The world is full of crazy characters, Niii :)