Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back To School (And Writing)

Yesterday I dropped my daughter off for her first day of 10th grade. Usually I drive away cheering the return of long uninterrupted writing days, but yesterday I found myself growing tearful, a bit nostalgic.

In 10th grade I started becoming myself. That year I began keeping the daily journal that would eventually give me the courage and voice to write fiction. I also started fighting against my failures. After a truly embarrassing drill team tryout at the end of freshman year, I decided to take ballet lessons and try again. I dragged my curvy post-pubescent body to a class of slim 5th and 6th graders. But I did make the dance team the following spring. And I've been working to overcome my failures ever since!

So while I happily dig into long days of writing, I'm wondering who is my daughter about to become?


  1. Impressive resume and interesting blogging.

  2. I can understand why you would worry a bit. My son also started school last 4 weeks. He looked so cute and excited. now, of course he's just fine and loving it. Except maybe all the homework. But I think often about how tough school can be and worry about him even though he is very bright and self assured young man. Still. It's my job as his parent. for more info visit teen boarding school.