Monday, May 9, 2011

An Argument Against E-Readers

Yesterday I snuck away with a good book (Stolen by Lucy Christopher) to soak my feet in the lotions and potions my husband gave me for Mother's Day.

I lit a candle, swished my toes in the fragrant bubbles, and read... Until my kitten Minnie joined me. And fell in the tub. Twice.

A much drier, but still embarrassed, Minnie.
(I wasn't going to interrupt my foot bath--or this great story--to take a wet cat photo.)

While I rescued Minnie, my book tipped off my lap into the sudsy water.

My first thought: I'm so glad this isn't an e-reader! Minnie skittered away, trailing her soaked tail, and I kept reading, carefully turning each wet page (it's a seriously compelling story!).

So, between not being able to read in the bathtub (or poolside or at the beach), and not being able to read during airplane take-offs and landings, I think I'll stick with paper books.

Like Minnie, I tend to be a bit klutzy.


  1. Sydney,
    I have given you an award! Come and claim the item at:

  2. I hear people saying how cool it is that they can put their eReader into a Ziploc bag and then it's safe to take it to the beach or the tub. Um, okay, but I don't have to put a traditional book in a Ziploc bag, or charge its battery, or download anything to it... Hmmm... I'm clinging to my printed books a little longer, folks.

    I actually blogged about this today so I loved reading your story.

  3. I loved your post too, Shelli.

    And I totally agree about not needing to charge batteries, etc. Paper books are always ready to go!

    Thanks for the award, Jenny :)