Thursday, January 27, 2011

Don't Clean Your Room...

Messiness aids creativity! Instinctively, I've always known this. Just ask my mother. But I was thrilled to read in the December issue of U.S News & World Report ( "Unleash Your Creative Genius" ) that "A spotless playroom stifles creativity, because kids may not feel they can engage in messy experiments or art."

I feel the same way about my desk.

When I hit a tricky spot while writing, it helps to play with the toys on my desk, pet whomever is sitting on my desk, or read the little inspirational notes scattered around. Fussing with my clutter helps me think.

Now I do sometimes wish my house weren't so messy. I was fascinated by the Zero Waste Home featured in the January issue of Sunset Magazine. Everything looked so orderly, albeit a bit white. But I have to admit that I was slightly horrified by the photo of the boys playing with one measly box of legos. That's it? Our playroom looks like more like this (on a good day):

But with the toy and dress-up clothes mishmash my daughter comes up with creations like this:

So while my grandmother would be horrified to see her shoe used as spacecraft, I say viva the clutter! A little messiness makes for a lot of creativity!

You have my permission not to clean your room.

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