Friday, November 19, 2010

Off To Disney World (and NCTE)

I did add words to my WIP, but I'm going to include them in next week's vlog update. Today I wrote most of chapter eleven while flying to Orlando, Florida to attend NCTE (a big teacher conference). When my seat mate asked about my story, I realized that I've got to work on that snappy hook thing. But at least she went back to sleep and I wrote a few more pages!

Anyway, while I'm talking about THE OTHER HAPPILY EVER AFTER: TRANSFORMING AND EMPOWERING READERS THROUGH A RE-TOOLING OF THE FEMALE HERO JOURNEY (sounds fancy, huh?) at NCTE, please stop by and read the interview I did on Debbie's Cranberry Fries Blog

Here's the view from my room at The Coronado:

I'll post some fun Disney details next week!

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