Monday, October 4, 2010

This Week In Revision: The End

I'm done. I hit send & now the manuscript is with my agent. I thought about writing a post on what I do at the end of revisions--it involves list making and obsessive double-and-triple-checking. And, maybe, I'll do that someday, but right now I'm still celebrating!

And that's really my number one End of Revision Tip. Do something nice for yourself. I got a massage.

And then I hosted a cupcake party for my daughters. I've been pretty preoccupied for the past several weeks, sneaking away from home on the weekends to work on revisions. So that's my second tip: do something nice for the people who've supported you (or is tolerated the better word?).

Celebrate your accomplishments--even the small stuff--finishing a draft, reaching a nice fat word count, a personal rejection letter... You work hard and deserve a treat!


  1. Congratulations. Throw back the cuppy cakes

  2. Way to go! Hope your agent gives you a little, much-deserved break before edits.

  3. Thanks, Deborah--the question has become when to stop eating cupcakes?

    Michelle--I'm making the most of the break (reading, reading, reading!).