Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reading Local Challenge

These days there's lots of talk about buying local, eating local, well, I thought, eyeing my to-read stack, I'm going to spend September reading local.

I'm going to catch up on books by Utah authors: Kristen Chandler, Carol Lynch Williams, AE Cannon, Kristen Landon, Bree Despain, and James Dashner.

Watch for updates on my progress--and some great giveaways of signed books by Utah authors. I challenge you to read a "local" book and support an author who lives in your part of the world.

Join me! (And I'd love to hear about what you're reading.)


  1. I'm reading The Clockwork Three by local author Matthew J. Kirby!!! And I just finished Matched by local author Ally Condie.

  2. I keep a list on Amazon: (I updated it with a couple books after seeing your stack.)

  3. Valynne--I can't wait to read those books. And I love your list Kathryn :) Thanks for the local support!!!

  4. I've been reading a few local authors: Heather Moore, James Dashner, Jeff Savage and Tristi Pinkston.

  5. OOoooh, great challange! I may just have to partake in some Kurt Vonnegut, Matt Dellinger, John Green, Saundra Mitchell, and Meg Cabbott.

  6. You have some great local authors, Jody! Happy reading :)

    Looks like you've been doing some great reading too, Taffy!