Thursday, September 23, 2010

Clowning Around

Yesterday I checked my favorite fifth grader out of school for an "appointment". . .

with The Elephant Parade. I realize that 5th grade is important & I really do value education (as well as my own writing time), but sometimes you just have to. . .

clown around. Starting with my daughter's fifth birthday, we've gone to watch the elephants ramble in downtown Salt Lake City the day before the circus starts. Tomorrow she'll be eleven. We've delighted in watching elephants eat watermelons, clowns turn cartwheels, and yesterday we saw

Circus Llamas! After the ten minute parade we have Thai food for lunch--since, you know, they're Asian elephants. And then it's back to writing and school.

Recently, I met someone who never missed a moment of school from Kindergarten through High School--and they do give awards for that kind of thing. But I believe in taking time for yourself, nurturing your body when you're sick, and sneaking off for bits of adventure here and there. Unique experiences

stretch creativity!

No I'm not going to write a paranormal YA novel about circus llamas. But I did figure out how to revise chapter twenty-five while discussing the merits of various Katy Perry songs on the way home from the parade. I wouldn't have had that conversation sitting alone with my laptop. Breaks are good--they allow your subconscious to figure things out without the noise of your internal editor stressing about stuff.

Oh, and for the record, yesterday was not the most crucial day of 5th grade (phew!). I'm guessing my daughter won't remember much about the stuff she learns in school this week, but I'm betting she'll remember clowning around at the elephant parade with her silly mother long after she's celebrated her 90th birthday.

Happy Birthday, Smoph!


  1. Thank you for sharing! I'm new to your blog and just had to post because I sooo agree with letting ideas ripen a bit before typing!!! I like to think through possibilities and consequences until I find just the tone that I'm reaching for.

    As a newbie, I'm always loking for ideas on how to work smarter and better, in hopes that I'll be published someday!