Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Exercise--Yes, That Kind

I've written about how I do daily writing exercises, but I also do daily physical exercise--because it's also good for my writing (and allows me to eat more chocolate).

First of all, I've noticed that the people sharing my genetic code who live the longest exercise. I have so many ideas to write about that I'm going to need to grow very old.

But I also get ideas while exercising. High school starts at an unreasonably early hour around here, so I see a lot of teens during my walk. Mostly they're driving too fast.

But yesterday I spotted a girl--hair beautifully straightened, cute outfit, bright book bag--and let's just say she was using an unique mode of transportation to get to school. I seriously had to stop myself from saying, "Thank you. You'll end up in a novel someday." But she got really, super embarrassed when she saw me. So I just smiled and tried my best not to laugh. I came home and wrote about her immediately.

I also find things when I walk. Today I found two nickels, four pennies, and three screws all bunched together--hmm--but yesterday I found a ski boot buckle and a heart pendant. Aha, I thought, time to buckle down and do what I love best: write.

And then I saw this:

My imagination wouldn't have combined an open jar of pickles next to the sidewalk. But I'd LOVE to know how it got there, so today I'm using this photo to prompt my daily writing exercise.

See? Exercise--of all kinds--really is good for you! Try it: what's the deal with these pickles?


  1. You have left us hanging! What was the girl's unique mode of transportation? Or do we have to wait until a future novel? C'mon! Spill!

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  3. I'm saving it, Anonymous! Sorry to be such a tease.