Monday, August 23, 2010

Back To School Day. YAY!!!

Today my daughters headed off to school, wearing cute new outfits, backpacks filled with blank notebooks, sharp pencils, and new markers. I miss that fluttery first-day-of school feeling! And I wish it had to do with the anticipation about all that I would learn, but it really boiled down to: will I have a class with [insert crush-of-the-day here]?

I didn't need any supplies this year--I still have half a writing exercise notebook to fill, and if I look hard enough I will find the post-its buried on my desk. I can't justify new clothes either. But I did pick up a few fun things at the Craft Lake City Festival a week ago:

I couldn't resist this bookworm. He looks so cute peeking out from my bookshelves!

I also bought a funky girl to keep me company while my real girls are in school all day (Bonus: she's really quiet and never gets bored!).

My new owl (crocheted by my favorite bookstore Community Relations Manager) will remind me to make wise revision choices! Okay, he's cute--even cuter than all those crushes I used to have!
Hey, so maybe I do have a bit of that fluttery back-to-school feeling, and it's not just my adorable little owl--I'm excited to have my long writing days back! I know that I'll spend this year learning, reading, giving my characters fabulous crushes... And I'll do it all wearing my ratty old sweatpants!


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  1. OMG! This is absolutely adorable <333333333

    And I'm flying down to steal the bookworms from you!