Friday, July 2, 2010

Body Image Month

I'm really excited to be participating in Once Upon A Bookshelf's Body Image Month. If you've read My Big Nose And Other Natural Disasters, you already know how much I care about these issues. I try really, really hard to feel good about my own body (after years of hating my nose). But now I have daughters and I know that I have to be a good role model.

Popular teen radio stations in Utah regularly play ads for a liposuction company that promises to deliver the "body you've always wanted" in time for Christmas, Prom, Bikini Season... But here's the thing: most of us will never resemble six feet tall fashion models, the ones sporting those bodies we think we want, in all the magazines and all over television.

Media images make it seem as if true happiness can be acquired through physical beauty. A few weeks ago I came across this article on about a teen who regretted having a nose job. She thought that plastic surgery would help her overcome shyness. It didn't. The cure for shyness is self-acceptance--flaws and all--not surgery.

These days I'm being bombarded with various procedures that will make me look "young." I changed doctors when my gynecologist started offering in-office Botox and other beauty treatments. It's bad enough to wear paper clothes and get weighed in the hallway. What would they do next? Make me look in a mirror for wrinkles? Now my hair salon is offering the same stuff. I already say no to hair dye, will I now have to say no to various injections?

I like being my age. As much as I love writing for teens, I'm glad that I've made it through those tough years. Now if I can just help my daughters and readers with their own journeys...

I'll be guest posting for Once Upon A Bookshelf on July 29th, but please check out all the book reviews and posts starting today!


  1. I think the goal is to for sure be a role model for your girls so that they don't feel depressed or pressured about their bodies. But I feel like part of this role model is to make sure you eat healthy, groom regularly, and exercise. This way the girls will know that they should have a regular healthy lifestyle. Then after that I would just make sure to love your body and to tell your girls how pretty they are. They should strive to be healthy, not to be an anorexic model.

  2. I agree completely, Dr. Stewart! Thanks for the comment : )

  3. AnonymousJune 02, 2011

    Here is a article I thought ties in about being bombarded with image change procedures.
    The body we always wanted is the body we make for ourselves. Its not a purchase.