Friday, June 11, 2010

Guest Writer: Emily Staley

I met 6th grader Emily Staley during a school visit at North Davis Preparatory Academy. She's very excited to share a bit of her novel with you:

The Mixer Mystery

…"Get off my shoulders and let me see." He was looking at it, as he jumped off my shoulders.

"It looks like an old journal", Jackie said. "Maybe it says journal on it!"


“Let’s look inside the cover, I suggested.” It says, Drake 4824 E. 4900 W.” “That's where we live."

"He must have lived here too!"

"OK, let’s read it."


This is my journal… well of course it is. Anyway, I live with my stepfather (who I don’t trust), and my mom. My house is comfy, to me anyway. Other people say it is creepy, I don’t think so. I love my home. Yesterday, I raked leaves with another boy. He was nice to talk to. Today, I plan to go skiing with my friend, that is if my dad let’s me...


"Tracey! Jackie!" mom called. "Come down for dinner!"

"We're coming mom!" I yelled back. As we were going to the stairs I told Jackie not to tell anyone about the journal. At the stairs, we met up with Lissy, she's our 5 year old little sister. She has freckles on her nose, and sometimes stubborn short brown hair, but cute. Some people say she looks like an angel, but I don't care. Her nick-name is Izy.

"We’re having pizza!" Lissy said. It's her favorite food, my favorite food is a lot better, corn-on-the-cob, it's so delicious!

"What did you kids do today?" mom asked.

"I played Barbie’s with Sarah," Lissy said, in her cute little way.

"What about you two?" mom asked. "Well, we cleaned our rooms," I said.

Then Jackie interrupted, "We also took a nap."

"I'm glad you finally did. You two needed that.”

After we finished dinner, we went upstairs to read more of the journal.


I was walking down the street...

Aren't you completely intrigued? Great job, Emily. Keep writing!!!!