Thursday, April 15, 2010

Operation Teen Book Drop

Today I've joined the Readergirlz and 100 other authors in Operation Teen Book Drop 2010. The goal is to leave books in teen friendly locations. So where better than my daughter's junior high school. And I have to confess that I enjoyed the slight embarrassment she suffered photographing her mother in the school commons (now if only she would allow me chaperone a dance--think of the material!!!).

Next I headed to Burger Stop a favorite haunt for Layton High School students. The woman working thought I was insane, but she agreed to take a photo of me and my book, and then she started paging through it. So maybe I've found another reader...

Finally, I headed to the Starbucks near Northridge High School. Not only do plenty of teens head there during lunch and after school, if you bring your own mug on Tax Day, they'll fill it with coffee for free. Yay! But the best part is that I got to see Ashley, a barista who has been there through oh-so many of my cafe writing sessions.

To find out more about Operation TBD check out You can find out who is involved, join a chat, or maybe even find a book in your hometown.

Happy reading, everyone!


  1. I heard about this and thought it was such a fun idea!

  2. It was really fun--I've done things like left coins to be found, small toys, etc. so it was fun to leave an actual book : )

  3. That's so cool! I wish I had a book to drop. Can we drop books we didn't write? Maybe I'll do that at X's school today. What fun!!!!

  4. How rad! What a fun idea/event to participate in. I wish I would have realized when I was younger how great reading was. I just can't help but think of all the more stories I could have read by now. :)

  5. Yes, Amy, you can drop any book--though it won't be long now : ) And, Debbie, you're sure reading a ton now!