Saturday, April 10, 2010

Breaking Up With Chris Eboch

Please join me in welcoming author Chris Eboch's take on breaking up. I'm also giving away her books so leave a comment!

The very words "breakup" suggests destruction, separation, loss. But sometimes a breakup is actually a renewal, a rebuilding. My best friend is a former boyfriend. The romantic relationship didn't work out, but once we acknowledged that, we could get back to the intellectual and emotional bond that had brought us together. The breakup also allowed us to move forward and find new romantic partners, new satisfying relationships.

In publishing, I got "orphaned" when the editor of my new Haunted series got fired. Most writers treat this as a tragedy, but I thought, Maybe he'll land somewhere else, and I'll have a new contact at a different house. In fact, he started his own literary agency, and asked me to be a client. I hope this new relationship will work out well for both of us, as the connection shifts but doesn't sever. Every breakup is a chance to rebuild, to figure out what you really want and where you belong.

Chris Eboch’s middle grade Haunted series follows a brother and sister who travel with their parents’ ghost hunter TV show. The kids try to help the ghosts, while keeping their activities secret from meddling grownups. The Haunted series includes The Ghost on the Stairs, The Riverboat Phantom and The Knight in the Shadows. Find out more at:

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  1. I love the idea of the breakup being a renewal instead of heartache. Awesome perspective. The Haunting sounds like a fun series.

  2. Wow, that's such a great point of view, and yet, I still associate "break up" with a lot of negative words.

  3. Breaking up is a time for renewal and revision. I love breaking up! Okay, that's not true, but I'm trying to be all positive right now.

  4. Oh I'd Love to read the second one! I really enjoyed the first one.

  5. AnonymousMay 07, 2010

    Why, when a car falls apart it's called a breakdown, but when a relationship falls apart, it's called a breakup? Never understood that. But with Chris's positive spin on it, breakup works well. Nice post!