Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Best of Kansas City Contest

Best of Kansas City (IMHO) Contest! Leave a comment here to enter.

Every year I meet up with my high school girlfriends for a weekend getaway. Last year we decided that we'd like to visit each other's cities. So last week I headed off to Kansas City which is in Missouri, but kind of in Kansas too--let's just say I was relieved when I landed at the right airport.

I came a few days early so I could do some author visits. First stop: the fabulous fourth graders at Indian Valley Elementary. What a bunch of cuties! Not only were they a polite group, they asked wonderful questions.
Later I talked about writing at the Leawood Library. How fun to see signs made just for me:

The next day I helped Girl Scouts earn their book badges. First I gave a presentation about being an author and then we had fun writing silly round-robin stories. I seriously want to read more about the President forbidding everyone from wearing pink!

Other highlights from my trip:

I met one of my favorite authors--Jennifer Brown who wrote Hate List--for coffee. She's written an amazing book about a serious topic, but she's incredibly funny in person (and writes a humor column for the Kansas City Star). I could've laughed and chatted with her for hours!

I joined my friend's weekly Rock Band jam session--and once again proved that I lack hand-eye coordination. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs won't be inviting me on tour.

I ate BBQ--a Kansas City specialty.

I visited the Nelson-Atkins Museum.
I saw a Martha Graham dance performance--so cool!
Oh, and I discovered an amazing new made-in-Kansas City chocolate. Christopher Elbow's No. 6: Dark Rocks. Chocolate combined with pop rocks. Sounds weird, but it's like having a party in your mouth. Probably the most fun chocolate I've ever eaten.

Mostly I enjoyed talking and talking and talking with old friends. Okay, and maybe I got a little too excited about all the cute rabbit statues downtown. Let's just say this isn't the only photo of me with a life-size bunny...

So I can't resist sharing the best of Kansas with you..

Leave a comment to enter to win a bar of Dark Rocks chocolate, a copy of Hate List by Jennifer Brown, and a box of Girl Scout cookies (your favorite kind).
Contest ends at midnight on Tuesday, March 22, 2010.


  1. I totally dig the chocolate! Glad your trip was filled with fun. :)

  2. Those giant bunnies are kind of creepy.

  3. Ha that picture is so cute of you with that giant rabbit! :)

  4. I've had chocolate like that from San Francisco, but I think they called it Firecracker or something like that. It's really cool!

  5. Sounds like a great time. Very nice that you keep in touch with your HS girlfriends.

  6. I meet up with old college friends somewhere new every year. This time it's NYC in June. Reconnecting rocks! (Kind of like dark chocolate with pop rocks.)

  7. sounds like great chocolate! :)

  8. Sounds like you had an awesome time! And that chocolate is most intriguing... ;)

  9. I am excited to hear all the details of your trip.

  10. Iz like z boony :D


  11. I think that is such a fun idea to visit everyone's hometowns. What a great way to get to tour the USA and visit friends at the same time.

  12. wouldlove to tour or travel ::))))

  13. o and i love taking pisc like that :)