Thursday, January 21, 2010

JE MacLeod's Thoughts on Heidi Montag's Surgery

JE MacLeod, author of Waiting To Score, posted a really thoughtful post about plastic surgery, body image, and self confidence on her blog today. Her inspiration were these photos of The Hill's star Heidi Montag who recently had several plastic surgery procedures done at the young age of 23. Here are the photos, but make sure you check out JE's blog post:

I'll just add that it makes me incredibly sad to see beautiful young women obsessed with their appearance when so many other personal qualities matter much, much more. I've never known anyone who found happiness solely through personal beauty. My bet is that Heidi won't either.


  1. And after all that, I'm not sure the 'after' is better. Sad...we're so breast obsessed.

  2. I agree, Amy. Poor Heidi will never be able to comfortable jog again.

  3. I'm the same age as her and its sad and scary for me to see something like this.