Friday, January 8, 2010

Is it me or the glasses?

I was admiring the wide-nosed, catlike, blue people in Avatar, thinking that maybe big noses might be "in," when my husband turned to me and said, "[silly nickname]*** in her glasses." And then he chuckled. I think he laughed at my 3-D glasses three more times during the movie. It wasn't mean-spirited at all, more like he found me charming, you know, in a funny-looking way.

He looks good in glasses, any glasses, a theory that has been tested many times. He even looks good in those 3-D glasses. But the whole situation got me thinking, would I ever want to go on a first date to a 3-D movie?

I like to think I'm more confident, more evolved now. But my teenage self? Never would've seen a 3-D movie with a guy--even one with beautiful wide-nosed characters. What about you?

***I cannot reveal my silly nicknames. Too embarrassing. Let's just say that I refuse to let anyone call me "baby" and my husband dislikes "honey" as a food product so I can't call him that. We've gotten creative...maybe too creative.


  1. No 3-D movies, no beaches and definitely no mini-golf. I'm terrible at mini-golf. Seriously, you don't know anyone who is as bad as me at mini-golf.

  2. No spaghetti on a first date, either. I should have made a rule that I couldn't ski on early dates, because hat-hair goes flat and fly-away at the same time, wind makes my nose red and runny, and snowsuits make me look like the Pillsbury doughboy. But I never made that rule, went skiing with a new boyfriend, and eventually married him. So maybe worrying about first-date rules is pointless after all!

  3. I definitely would have gone to a 3-D movie! I think the only thing I wouldn't have done is something that involved me in a bathing suit!

  4. A first date 3-D movie? Mmm, don't know if I'm brave enough for that.

    We saw Avatar in Imax and brought home our 3D glasses (bright yellow, no less) for our 4 young kids. They loved 'em to pieces, literally.

    PS: Enjoyed your novel suggestions at SCBWI on Saturday. I ran out today and bought 2 spiral note books for both of my current WIPs. Love that idea!!

  5. I agree--beach dates are out, but really with the right person it doesn't matter.

    So glad you enjoyed the workshop, Terresa. I loved meeting you!