Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving Giveaway!

I've been especially thankful this year for my online friends (including you!). Navigating my debut year has much easier with the help of my friends from The Class of 2k9 and The 2009 Debutantes. So I'm giving away two books this week (and a turkey)! Prophesy of The Sisters is signed because I got to meet Michelle Zink in person. I'm still waiting to meet Lauren Bjorkman, but I loved laughing all the way through My Invented Life. I hope to meet her soon!

To enter go to and tell me if you've ever had a chance to meet an online friend in person (leave your contact info too). The deadline is Sunday, November 22nd at midnight. Anyone, anywhere, is welcome to enter--because being online makes the world a cozy place.


  1. I've not only met lots of online friends...I married one. We've been together since 1998 and I wouldn't change one minute of it. :)


    BrigidsBlest at yahoo dot com

  2. I haven't met an online friend in person, but I would love to meet a friend of mine that lives in the Philippines one day! She's my age and is really sweet and generous.

  3. Yup! Because a lot of the friends I've made since moving to Utah are members of the Social Media club of Salt Lake City. It was a kick to meet them after connecting on Twitter ('cuz you always have this vision of what someone is gonna look like!!)

  4. I've almost 20+ people from the Twilight Lexicon. Most of them and I get together now once a month because we're such great friends.

  5. I have never had the chance to meet an online friend. I think we should all get together for a blogger convention and meet everyone.

    Great giveaway, love the turkey. And the books are of course on my wishlist!


  6. I have met people in person that I originally met online. But I'd like to meet that turkey in person 'cause it's really cute. :)

  7. I have met a pen pal once before. (it was only intra-state pen pal) Also I have met some cool authors I had followed on Twitter and what not. I am wanting to meet other fellow Michigander book bloggers. We have talked about meeting up at a signing but have never got our schedules lined up to do so:(

  8. I haven't yet, but I really want to meet a lot of my fellow book bloggers!

    Thanks for the giveaway(:

    kelseythebookscout at gmail dot com

  9. I've met one online friend online--we met at a book reading and had a blast!

    jpetroroy at gmail dot com

  10. I haven't met an online friend in person. I wish I could though! There are some bloggers out there who I really want to meet! =)

    Thanks! =)

  11. Yes! I have! I meet a good (online) friend of mine!

    I meet her about 7 years ago playing an online shoot'em up. I just meet her last year at BEA in NYC!

    I was so thrilled. Not only to meet her but to come in a sort of circle; meeting her online via a game then meeting her IRL because of books.

    She's an aspiring YA writer. L.J. Boldyrev is an awesome online friend and I can't wait to see her publish her WIP.

    I hope to see her again at next years BEA!


  12. Unfortunately, I've never been able to meet an online friend. I hope to sometime though. =D


  13. I don't know if we are "friends" more like writer and fan :) but one of the authors I follow on Twitter is coming to visit my school on Monday, so I'll get to meet him then!

    foltzsfantasticbooks at

  14. When I was in high school I had an online friend who went to a different school in the area and when I had a volleyball game at his school he came to meet me. I was so nervous and played a horrible game and my friends ended up talking to him more than I did.

    melnonymous at gmail dot com

  15. I haven't met any online friends in person...


  16. I was actually lucky enough to meet my friend I do plays with online, and another who I write fanfiction with. The play one I know meet up with every thanksgiving, and the writer one I see every now and then when she comes down where I live. I love my online friends even though I met them as a teen and my parents werent to happy about that. But we stuck together and actually the friends you make online sometimes can be so much better than the ones you make in life.

    Ari Noth

  17. Yes! Two friends, actually. One moved across the country to be here and stayed for 5 years. He became a very good, close friend and just flew back on a one way ticket to be with his family this morning. We'll miss him terribly.

    The other is now my boyfriend of 6 years!

    I had no idea when I met them in high school what our relationships would be like now, but I'm so glad everyone was so devoted to the friendships. :)

  18. Oops my e-mail is !

  19. Awesome! Thanks for doing that giveaway. :)

    I have more than once had the chance to meet online friends of mine and most of them are among my favourite people now. The internet is an awesome place to meet awesome people!

    branquign0le(at)yahoo(dot)de (and that o in branquignole is a zero).

  20. I was lucky enough to meet a whole host of my online friends at a signing for one of the Debs, Sarah Rees Brennan. They were even lovelier in person than I could have imagined and now they're among some of my closest friends anywhere - online people fill me with so much joy, and the internet is such a lovely place! :D (Not least because it allows lovely giveaways like this one - thank you!)

  21. No I haven't met any online friends in person but I know what they look like from pictures. So if I do see them I think I will recognize them.


  22. I've met one of my best friends online via a support forum for women with endometriosis. After attending a couple of charity events for the charity Endo UK I decided to arrange an event for them. I recruited volunteers through Facebook and the forum, and we arranged the whole thing using chat rooms. I met the other volunteers for the first time on the day of the event. It was so good to meet people I'd only ever seen through a screen. Despite this it felt like I was meeting long lost family. The event as an amazing success and we raised £3900 for the chairty.

    I'm so glad that we all found each other through the forum, and especially my best friend, as without it we'd never have known the kind of friendship we share.

  23. I have met a few people from my school online. The funny awkwardness of "oh... you live in ________ too? and your 15?... do you go to _____" oh.. thats cool. wanna meet?


  24. I have not met any of my online readers, but maybe one day I will.

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com

  25. I was the main poster for when i lived there for graduate school. When it came time to move back to the states, I needed to pass it off to someone who was still going to be in the area and one of my regular commenters said she'd do it. We had become good online friends and I had to meet her to set up a time to teach her how to run the site and stuff. Over a year later, we're still great friends and she runs the site with me posting on Wednesdays.

    When we did meet, I roped her into dancing with me for a "newcastle" version of video!


  26. I've never had the chance to meet one of my online friends - YET! I'm planning *fingers crossed* to head to Cali next year for a Power Rangers Convention!!! <3<3<3

    I think it's so amazing that some other people found their significant others online!!!

    maineambition (at)

  27. I came close to meeting an online friend this year, but she got sick on the day she was supposed to come, so we didn't get to meet. I'm hoping to get to meet her and others this next year.

    shelcows AT gmail DOT com

  28. I have not had the opportunity to meet any of my online...I certainly would love the chance to and am hoping that it happens one day soon.

    I hope that you have a wonderful and joy filled Thanksgiving!!

    I hope that I am not too late.

    latomli (at) yahoo (dot) com

  29. I've gotten to meet a lot of online friends. In fact last year I took a trip to Seattle with 40 other friends that we'd all known for a year online. It was so fun and amazing. (Granted I met 25 of them here locally before we decided to take a crazy trip like that.)