Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thanksgiving Giveaway!

I've had so much to be thankful for in my writing life this year that I'm giving away signed books (and a turkey--because he's just so cute) during the weeks before Thanksgiving.

This week I'm feeling thankful for my writing role models...

So I'm giving away Tricks by Ellen Hopkins. Not only does Ellen write gorgeous, heart-wrenching poetry, she connects with her readers with warmth and generosity--and really cares about them. I also admire the way Ellen gives back to aspiring writers. She does an incredible job organizing workshops and conferences as a Co-Regional Advisor for SCBWI in Nevada. She's been a real inspiration to me over the years.

To enter the contest, leave a comment telling me about one of your role models by Thursday, November 12th. I love Ellen Hopkin's books so much that I'll send Tricks anywhere in the world!


  1. This is going to sound a bit cliche, but my mother's always been a huge role model for me. I'm not sure how she managed to raise three young children and go to graduate school to get her masters at the same time, but she definitely did!

    Thanks for the contest!

    Natalie @ Mindful Musings

  2. My Grandma! I love her so much, shes awesome! She is funny, opinionated, active in her familys life, able to do alot with us, and is the most loving person you'll ever meet. And, she had to work hard to get where she is today. Shes my hero, I want to grow up just like her:)

    *okay emotional story over*


  3. One of my role models is my great-grandmother who immigrated here from Japan. She didn't speak a word of English, she was completely illiterate and she couldn't write, so she would sign her name with an X. But she came to America anyway, knowing she would never see her family again. I've always admired her bravery.

  4. Hmmm probably Jane Goodall. I want to be a zoologist and she's really inspired me.

    kelseythebookscout at gmail dot com

  5. I always have a really hard time with this question. I guess my dad. He went through many health issue but he kept on living the life that made him happy. He said he wanted to die doing what he enjoyed not live forever doing nothing. I've tried to remember that has I've faced my own help issues.

    foltzsfantasticbooks at

  6. My biggest rolemodel would be my mom. As a single mother she did a great job raising me and my siblings. I know she had to work really hard to raise us properly and be the best parent that she can. I'm so lucky to have a mom like her and I love her more than words can explain.