Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Skin Deep

I'm usually pretty good at avoiding kiosk pitches at the mall. But somehow last weekend, I found myself letting a guy slather cream on my forearm. He talked the whole time about how the cream would slough off all the unsightly dead skin cells on my face. The 24 karat gold in the mixture would penetrate seven layers deep. Blah, blah, blah.

When my arm turned bright red as it reacted to all that gold, apparently, he turned to my teenage daughter. This cream would clear her unsightly complexion!

After rubbing various creams into her arm, he showed her the dramatic smoothness compared to the untreated arm. I couldn't see it. But he'd promised to cure her acne!

For only $120 a jar. I shook my head, no way. But wait, there's more, he said, adding boxes to the pile. All this for only $10! I felt like I'd gotten trapped in a bad infomercial. So I got out of there pretty quick and finished up our errands.

The minute we got into the car, my daughter burst into tears. "The first thing anyone ever notices about me is my horrible skin!"

That's absolutely not true! I spent the whole ride home explaining that she's beautiful, but the guy had to say that to try to get her to buy his product. That's what advertising does: makes us feel unattractive, unless we use certain products. But I'm worried that all she heard was blah, blah, blah.


  1. Ohnoooo. That's so sad. :( I hate that our girls are under so much appearance pressure these days. I hope she's forgotten all about it by now. :\

  2. Sydney, show her this Dove commercial.

    It will show her that even the people we think are beautiful are not what they seem. Our perceptions of beauty are truly messed up.

  3. I hate those kiosk guys. My hubby and I were on a date and this cell phone guy pointed my hubbys pants and says what's that? Like he's gonna whip a phone out of his pocket so the guy can tell us all about how his are better. Uhm excuse me please stop pointing to his pants!

    I hope your daughter listens to you. She really is beautiful! And that guy was just trying to sell his stuff.

  4. Sydney--I nominated you for a blog award. You'll have to visit my blog to receive it.