Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Swooning Over The 1st Look Inside

One of my absolute favorite parts of the publishing process is getting that bulky package of 1st Pass Pages in the mail. I got so excited when Swoon At Your Own Risk arrived on my doorstep last week that I possibly frightened my UPS man with my delighted squeals.

1st Pass Pages show the exact layout of the book. Doesn't the title look cute?

I also love seeing what the chapter titles are going to look like and seeing the story set up like a real book:

Plus Swoon At Your Own Risks has a bunch of extra stuff like advice columns, journal entries, and blogs in different fonts:
My job is to read through the whole story and look for mistakes and send it back to my editor. I felt kind of sad after sending the package off to New York--I've had so much fun working on this book. (I probably frightened that UPS guy for loving a big stack of paper so much.)

I'm all done, now it's the readers' turn!

1 comment:

  1. Oooo it does look so fun all set up. And I love the font, so wonderfully delicious.

    Just the other day my husband got a piece of his Halloween costume from UPS and I said to him, "I wonder if they ever realize just what they're carrying in their truck." Man I wish I could have seen that book before you sent it off. If you ever need a reader.... :)
    Congrats on being finished!