Saturday, September 5, 2009

Guest Nose Jennifer Jabaley

Today it's my pleasure to host Jennifer Jabaley, debut author of Lipstick Apology, a truly delicious read-in-one-sitting kind of book.

Hi Sydney, thanks for hosting me as a "guest nose"! 

In LIPSTICK APOLOGY, Emily has a major traumatic and embarrasing moment when at a party her long, wavy hair catches fire!! Emily is forced to chop the remaining singed ends into a bob - one she believes she does not have the bone structure to carry!!

This whole incident - being forced into a hair cut that you don't think is flattering - reminds me of my very own traumatic hair incident when I was in eighth grade. My older sister had started a cosmetology class and naturally wanted to use me as a victim, um, model for her class. It just so happened that on the morning of my butchering, um, haircut, my sister got into an argument with our dad. So she was a little angry. As she kept chopping, um, cutting, my layers were getting shorter and shorter and shorter. Finally I yelled - STOP! It was like she came out of a trance and saw what she had done - a very, very bad mullet. She started laughing and I started crying. The layers were so short in the front I couldn't even wrap them around a curling iron. Oooh, the fights that sprouted between us!!

To this day, my sister and I still think about this and laugh (of course it took me many years to be able to laugh!). But what is it about hair? Women attach so much of their esteem to something that is so external, and ultimately, just dead cells.

Thanks, so much Sydney. Now I'm going to get some highlights!! Just kidding :)

About Lipstick Apology

Four little words written in lipstick mean Emily must say goodbye to everything she knows.  Emily Carson has always been a good girl.  So when she throws a party the night her parents leave for vacation, she's sure she'll get busted.  What Emily doesn't know is that her parents will never return.  That their plane will go down.  And the only thing left amidst the wreckage will be a tray table with the words: Emily please forgive me scrawled in lipstick - her mother's last words.

Now it's fall in New York City and Emily's trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered life.  Her public tragedy captures the attention of more than just the media - and soon two very different boys at her new school are pursuing her: the cute, popular Owen, and the quirky chemistry partner slash pastry-baker-by-night, Anthony.  But even with such delicious distractions, Emily can't let go of her mother's mysterious apology.  Does she have the courage to face the truth?

With help of a whole new kind of family - one that includes a make-up artist to the stars, a teen hand model, and a wacky hairdresser - Emily must choose between the boy who makes her forget it all, and the one who encourages her to remember, and ultimately, heal. Buy the book on Amazon or Indiebound.

About Jennifer Jabaley

Jennifer Jabaley was born in New York and raised in Bridgewater, New Jersey.  She graduated from James Madison University with a degree in chemistry and received a doctorate from Southern College of Optometry.  A part-time optometrist and mother of two, Jennifer began writing her first novel after a phone call from her sister sparked an idea for a story that lingered in her mind and stirred her creative juices.  LIPSTICK APOLOGY will be released in August of 2009 by Razorbill.  Jen lives in Blue Ridge, Georgia and is currently at work on her second book. Read more about Jennifer at:



  1. Ooh, great concept. I'd have to add that one to my wanna-read list.

  2. that's a way cool cover!