Thursday, August 27, 2009


Having spent too much time at the car repair shop today, making my daughter miss her guitar lesson after she'd actually practiced, I figured that a stop at the new cupcakery (isn't that cute?) was a good idea. Okay, cupcakes are always a good idea.

Turns out it was Cutsie Cakes grand opening! A cupcake blogger (why didn't I think of that?) was even in the shop having her first taste. I ordered four of the seven flavors and planned a surprise after school tea party. 

I had a lovely chat with my daughters over cupcakes and tea (something about tea makes us all behave). My 8th grader talked about a lunch time water fight with a guy in her class, but she wouldn't admit to any level of hotness or crushingness. My 4th grader talked about loving math (yes!). I talked about how my friend Kaylie showed up to writing group today with a great nonfiction article and an amazingly revised short story plus a new query (she's an inspiration!). 

All the cupcakes were delicious and I kind of regretted not trying the lemon ones. Next time! 


  1. What a great idea (tea and cupcakes after school)! Sounds delicious too! Where are they located??? I couldn't find an address on their site.

  2. I live and die for cupcakes. Jealous!

  3. It's on Main Street in Layton--a couple of blocks North of the Trax station (I can't find an exact address either).

    I definitely recommned cupcakes after school!