Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cooking For Publicity

A couple of weeks ago, I spotted a blurb in my newspaper about the Z'Tejas restaurant holding a contest for using chile peppers in a dessert. Oooh! I like to cook and one of my favorite desserts is a frozen chocolate cinnamon mousse--chile peppers could only improve it's rich chocolatey goodness. AND I could name it after my upcoming middle-grade novel: Jungle Crossing...Chill.

Why not?

I excitedly told my husband. He said, "fire potatoes." Okay, so my first attempt at modifying a recipe with chile peppers didn't go so well. A friend had raved about her chipotle mashed potatoes. Great idea, I thought, tossing an entire can of chipotle peppers into the potatoes. My husband had invited a colleague for dinner. You can imagine the gasps of pain, the call for water... the months, years, sure to be decades of teasing about my infamous fire potatoes.

Fortunately, dark chocolate is more forgiving. I had to keep adding chile powders to my mousse. With each peppery increase I passed along tastes to my family. Even my kids liked it better than the old version. When I reached the right combination of heat and sweet, I typed up the recipe, emailed it to Z'Tejas, and forgot all about it. 

Until I got the call--Jungle Crossing Chill made the finals. Yay! Tomorrow I will be making my dessert on Salt Lake City's FOX 13 "Live at 11:00" show with the other two finalists. 

I've always thought that book promotion should involve chocolate!


  1. That's fantastic! Make sure you have a big 'Jungle Crossing' banner behind you when they're filming! :)

    Also, I have that great recipe for chipotle mashed sweet potatoes. It only takes one pepper. :)

  2. Fantastic!!!! I will try to watch...it sounds DELICIOUS!!!!!!

  3. Awesome! I love Z'Tejas, and adding chili to chocolate. (I make a mean mole brownie.)

  4. I think we all need to exchange recipes! (Especially now that I know how to use chili peppers in moderation!)