Wednesday, July 8, 2009

NYC Prep--So What?

Over the weekend I read about how this new reality TV show, NYC Prep, was causing lots of controversy and angst among the private school folks in New York. Yes!!! It sounded like fantastic treadmill television (and I am kind of missing all that over-the-top Gossip Girls drama).

Let's just say I didn't get a really heart-revving workout. I watched kids shop for expensive shoes. I watched kids shop for expensive clothes. I watched a girl order a salad at an expensive restaurant. Even the one guy's therapy session was dull, dull, dull. The most interesting part of the entire show was watching a girl pick at her mud mask while talking on the phone in a jacuzzi filled with lemon halves (she looked ridiculous).

The "regular" teens I know are much more interesting (and interested), witty, and pull together super cute outfits--with stuff they bought on sale at the mall.

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