Friday, July 31, 2009

Blushes, Gushes, and GRRs (July Edition)


Someone I barely knew walked in on me in the bathroom: skirt hiked, undies around my ankles. Okay, that alone is embarrassing. But then she didn't leave! So I stood up, skirt falling, not knowing what to do with the underwear. And she kept standing there talking to me. So I kicked the underwear away and talked really, really fast!


I visited Debbie's amazing book club--everyone was so friendly, funny, and charming. Debbie created a list of questions related to My Big Nose And Other Natural Disasters like "Do you have a crazy ticket/car wrecking story?" and "Do you have any kooky boyfriend stories?" We laughed a lot! But the best part? Our treat was a beautiful little wedding cake with wobbly columns and everything. So adorable! The entire evening was so fun. A big gushing thank you goes to Debbie and her wonderful friends!


My garage door wouldn't open--on the night I had a class to teach at the Salt Lake Community Writing Center. I tried to lift it myself. It wouldn't budge. I climbed on a ladder and messed with the chain, only to get greasy, black fingers. I banged on it. I screamed at it. And then I called the garage fix-it guy and begged...begged him to come fix my door. He told me no. But then he sensed my true desperation. He came and fixed the door within minutes. Phew! Or should I say Phew$$$. Goodbye cute catalog sweater dress. Hello new garage door springs--at least you come in fashionable silver and black.


  1. I love your title. Yeah, we were going to sock away lots of money this month until our air conditioner broke. $$$.

  2. Holy moly! She just kept TALKING to you when it was obvious you were...erm...busy? That's just...wrong. Too funny that you tried to pretend you weren't ...erm...busy and got rid of the evidence. I guess if she didn't notice you were busy, she probably didn't notice the abandoned underwear. So funny!

  3. I'm dieing to know where this bathroom incident happened. Was it in a public restroom? A friends house. Crazy crazy.

    I am so thrilled you were our guest star at our book club! It was such a pleasure to have you with us and you are so stinkin adorable.

    Grr for that garage door.

  4. Bathroom incident happened at my house--with an acquaintance I thought was downstairs while I ran upstairs. Crazy!

    I loved, loved, loved your book club!