Monday, June 1, 2009

Guest Nose: Aprilynne Pike

Today it's my pleasure to welcome Aprilynne Pike, debut author of Wings--and I would tell you how much I loved her book, but my teenager swiped it and disappeared with it for hours and hours, emerging starry-eyed only to feed. That's a pretty high recommendation at my house!

Aprilynne kindly shares one of her beauty Do's (Or a beauty ouch, if you ask me!)

I have always been a bit of an eyebrow plucker, but in college (yes, it took me that long) I discovered waxing. Ah, it was a glorious day! After trying it on a few less conspicuous areas, I decided to do my eyebrows. I did pretty well, got a nice curved line, but I forgot about gravity. Specifically the force that pulls the melty wax downward and onto your eyelashes. So after I was done waxing my eyebrows I had to get it off of my eyelashes without pulling THEM out! I managed to leave at least half of my eyelashes intact using a bunch of baby oil. From that, I learned to wax whatever else I wanted to, but to get my eyebrows done professionally. :)

About Wings

Aprilynne Pike's WINGS is the first of four books about an ordinary girl named Laurel who discovers she is a faerie sent among humans to guard the gateway to Avalon. When Laurel is thrust into the midst of a centuries-old battle between faeries and trolls, she's torn between a human and a faerie love, as well as her loyalties to both worlds. To buy your own copy of Wings click here.

About Aprilynne Pike

Aprilynne Pike has been spinning faerie stories since she was a child with a hyper-active imagination. At the age of twenty she received her BA in Creative Writing from Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho. When not writing, Aprilynne can usually be found at the gym; she also enjoys singing, acting, reading, and working with pregnant moms as a childbirth educator and doula. Aprilynne currently lives with her husband and three kids in Utah, and dreams of warmer climates. To find out more about Aprilynne see

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