Saturday, January 17, 2009

True Beauty

Okay so I have to begin with a bit of a confession: I love bad television. Since I'm a bit ashamed of some of my TV watching habits, I tape certain shows and watch them while I exercise. In the basement. I'm always on the lookout for good Treadmill Television.

Recently I started taping True Beauty on ABC. It's a beauty contest for astonishingly vain, but attractive men and women. The catch? They're judging inner beauty too. So I'm trudging along, working up a sweat, watching good-looking people talk about how they know they're so gorgeous. And it's fascinating to me because I've never really felt that way.

And then these beauties start misbehaving--you know, nasty comments, backstabbing, lying, ignoring the plight of those around them, and all that run-of-the-mill Reality TV stuff (I really do watch my share of bad television).

But I start thinking about how I can't separate someone's personality from his/her looks. All my life, I've known people who are physically attractive, but I just couldn't see it anymore because of the way they behave.

To protect the not-so-innocent, I'll give a Hollywood example. I was, er, quite fond of Matthew McConaughey--I loved the Sweaty McConaughey movie (some call it A Time To Kill), the Sexy Priest movie (otherwise known at Contact), but then I saw him on Oprah. And he talked about drilling a hole in the floor of his custom van so he could pee through a funnel right onto the pavement! Um, yeah. Suddenly he just wasn't that cute.

While it's always fun to ogle physical beauty, I find that I just don't want to spend time with people unless they're attractive on the inside--interesting, intelligent, kind, curious, funny, adventurous, open-minded... My list of inner qualities is a lot longer than the basic tall, dark, and handsome stuff that you have to be born with. 

What's on your hubba-hubba inner beauty list?


  1. humor is high on my list. A guy that can make me laugh and see joy in the world is the most attractive in my eyes!

    luv this post!


  2. Couldn't agree more--I love a man who can make me laugh every day!

  3. Intelligence, but that has to include being engaged in the world. An old flame called me up after a decade or so during the Kerry-Bush campaign. I asked him who he was for and he responded with the same answer he gave to me years ago about politicians: that he didn't vote because he didn't want to encourage them.

    Instant end of attraction.

  4. I was in love with Matthew McConaughey after seeing a Time to Kill. Then a few years later, he was just too "out there" for me. But don't get me wrong, the man's still handsome as heck! :0)
    Humor mixed with intelligence is the sexiest.

  5. My husband treats me like a queen--in other words, I almost always get what I want. Hot stuff!