Monday, January 26, 2009

Even The Pretty Ones

My teenage daughter is beautiful. Okay, yeah, I know, I'm her mother and all that blah, blah, blah. And you're completely right. But that's not my point.

The things is--she possesses the qualities I always wanted to have. She's 5 foot 7, has skin that bronzes to perfection (no freckles) the first time she goes out in the sun, she's curvy in the right place, her school pictures turn out well, and, yeah, she has a cute nose.

So why doesn't she see herself that way? When she looks at her golden skin she sees pimples. Really, something would be wrong with the Universe if this girl didn't have a few skin blemishes. Her height makes her feel like a giant. True, the boys haven't caught up with her yet. But she's 5'7" like I always wanted to be!  And then there are the thighs.

Quick rant: Can we all just stop obsessing about thighs?!? Everyone's thighs spread out when they sit down. That's how they work--it's like physics or something. And, yeah, thighs touch each other. We're not Barbie dolls! Stop the upper leg hate, please. If it weren't for thighs we couldn't walk around or jump up and down when good things happen.

So, yeah, my daughter's list of things she'd change about her looks is longer than I ever would have imagined, especially for someone who takes such great school pictures. I've been shocked to learn that even pretty girls spend way too much time fretting about their supposed flaws. I thought that only girls who believed their noses were too big did that.

Does that mean that every girl hates something about her looks? Going back to being a mother and all that blah, blah, blah, the whole thing makes me so sad!


  1. I think it is in the human condition that people are insecure about at least a few things. Even boys, maybe they aren't as concerned as girls about their looks, but they worry about other aspects of their being. I was an awkward, tall fifth grader with big glasses. My parents told me I was beautiful, smart, strong. Somehow I believed them, so keep telling your daughter how wonderful she is!

  2. My gorgeous, get-scoped-for-modeling friend took some modeling classes and learned all about how to sit so your thighs don't spread out so much. It's not that the models don't have thunder thighs. It's that they know all the tricks (plus there's digital photography. Right, Katie Couric and Kate Winslet?).